About Packaging Systems

By | September 30, 2012

Companies which mass produce products, procure goods, or ship equipment, building materials, or anything which needs to be shipped as freight, will need to have a packaging systems in place for the shipment of many units, heavy equipment, or materials. With All Strap, you will be able to find many of your packaging products in one convenient place online so that you can concentrate on production, and develop your packaging systems according to your company’s needs.
To build a good packaging system, you will need to be familiar with product packaging materials, and pallet building materials such as tape, dispensers, edge protection, shrink film, stretch film, strapping, and tensioning tools. All Strap, specializing in strapping, is a good place to start. Depending on the products your company will need to ship out, packaging systems can range from simple boxes and packing tape, to pallets, plastic wraps, heavy duty protection,  strapping made of steel, nylon, cord, polyester, or other materials which will best suit the needs of the freight shipment.
Strapping, an important part of packaging systems, will need to be tensioned by means of tools, and depending on the type of strapping used, this will determine the type of tools needed for the job, for example, there are pneumatic tools and strap dispensers specially made for dispensing, tensioning, binding, and sealing, as well as cutting metal strapping. There are also special tools which will bind and bond poly strapping, and available are buckles and tensioning tools for nylon strapping.
Just knowing the ins and outs of the goods you ship, and knowing the right products for a packaging systems will help save money and time for your business which ships, and All Strap can provide products and more information on packaging systems, which when developed smartly for your business, will be very beneficial.

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