Deciding on Packing Systems at All Strap

By | August 15, 2012

A packaging systems is essential for success, and All Strap has everything you need. Knowing a good packaging system for shipping large quantities of materials can be the backbone of the growth of any business that needs to create large shipments, which is where a packaging systems comes in. If you were to break down a basic pallet stacked with goods, you would find many different materials, from the goods to the pallet, strapping, protective wrap, and even a few corner protectors if necessary. There is a good reason for all of these things, and it’s important to be consistent with packaging.

The pallet, sometimes referred to as a skid, is the foundation of large shipments. It’s often wrapped or topped with a protective film or sheet to avoid damage to merchandise. Merchandise or goods are then placed neatly onto the pallet, and stacked for stability, usually no taller than the width of the pallet. If necessary, stretch or shrink film is applied to pre-bind the goods. Corner protection is added if necessary, and is recommended if corners of boxes or merchandise could otherwise be easily damaged by bumping or even the strapping which will be placed around the entire stack. It’s recommended to use two or more straps, and to tighten them well, either with a manual ratchet or a more efficient automatic tool. When complete, the stacked pallet should be very stable, and seem more like a solid cube.

The materials used are really dependent on the type of freight to be packed and shipped. The materials which will need to be tailored the most are the pallet and the strapping to ensure they hold up as they need to without failure, and to make sure the materials will not be damaged by the bindings, for example, metal strapping should be used on heavy duty materials which will not be affected by sharp edges, and cord strapping should be used when finishes should need special care to remain unmarred. All Strap offers a packaging systems that offer materials, tools and solutions for everyday freight shipments through companies such as All Strap.