Packaging with Poly Strapping

326 Lithium Ion Sealless Combination Battery Strapping Tool

Battery operated strapping tools are new generation tools that are faster and more efficient that are here to stay. One such battery operated combination strapping tool , P326, uses the lithium ion battery from Bosch. This tool presently has a reinforced 18V motor that guarantees a maximum strap tension and perfect seal joints.

This is a very reliable tool and has a capacity of up to 600 strap cycles depending on the strap quality. This is possible due to the high powered battery. Another unique feature of the battery in P326 is that it has a very short charging time. The charging status can be checked any time.

The P326 is also constructed in such a way that it is shock proof and does not get damaged from the impact of the battery. The tool can preset tensioning and sealing time. Even faulty handling by an operator does not lead to a wrong and self readjustment of the tool.


  • Strap Qualities:  Polyester (PET) / Polypropylene (PP)
  • Strap Dimensions:  1/2” – 5/8” x .016 – .041”
  • Max. Tension: 540 pounds
  • Sealing Type:  Friction-weld sealing
  • Weight:  8.7 pounds (3.95 kg) (including battery)

P326 complies with the European safety regulations and is very user friendly. This tool uses the friction weld sealing and ensures 75% accurate sealing. This tool is ideal for poly strapping and has a high shock absorption. It also has an optimal tension even in the event there is a shrinkage of goods being transported.

The P326 is a very light weight tool and preferred by operators. Another advantage is that it is a combination tool. It can tension, seal and cut, all at the touch of a button. The tool comes with two batteries and a charger. Since poly strapping is not as expensive as steel strapping, it is also cost effective.

This tool performs a friction welding seal which is producing heat through friction between two pieces of poly strapping. The friction and heat form a strong bond that is even stronger than steel seals. However, some industries are hesitant to use this kind of sealing. The advantage is that friction weld sealing is cost effective and there is no need to stock expensive metal seals. This tool is very versatile and is used in industries like cotton and textile, ceramic, plastic and automotive industries.

For a similar tool with larger strapping, Fromm P327 is an ideal tool. The P326 is generally available rebuilt, please call Allstrap customer service for rebuilt pricing and repair inquiries.


Strapping, be it steel, polyester, cord or plastic plays a major role in the packaging industry. Poly strapping is considered an economic means of strapping and is much preferred in the industry. Many people have begun switching over to poly strapping from steel strapping as steel is proving to be very expensive.

Poly strapping has a lot of advantages. Apart from being a cheaper alternative to steel, it comes in varied sizes, widths and lengths. It is compatible with many strapping tools and is very easy to handle. It is also a very safe option for the companies that are choosing to switch over from steel. Poly strapping does not have sharp corners.

The major disadvantage of poly is that it has a great elongation. As steel strapping does not stretch at all, poly does. Skids that begin easily as a perfect square can lean or a package can become loose after a large impact. If the stretching is not bothersome, then this is the right kind of strapping to use.

Poly strapping is largely preferred as it is easily available and easy to use. For high tensile tools, heavy duty plastic strapping is the best option. As it is very safe and easy to handle, operators can use it single handedly without any difficulty. In all the industries that use strapping tools, using poly strapping has proved safer. It has also cut down the costs by half. Banding is faster and as a single operator can do the job effectively, it has cut down costs in this area too.

There are also several tools in the market that can use poly strapping effectively. Battery tools from Signode and Fromm take in poly strapping and help in getting the job completed very fast. Another advantage using poly strapping is that it does not cause any damage or tears the product. It also does not leave scars on the packaged good. Steel on the other hand leaves rust stains on the packaged goods and this is one of the major reasons for industries opting to use poly strapping.

Poly strapping has a great break strength of about 3,800 pounds. A coil of poly strapping weighs about 50 pounds and steel strapping weighs about 100 pounds. Poly strapping having double the footage industries do not have to think twice about switching over to poly strapping.