Orgapack OR-T 400 Battery-Powered Plastic Strapping Tool

By | April 4, 2016

The Orgapack OR-T 400 is the latest battery strapper for plastic strapping. This Swiss-made tool is designed for 5/8 inch and 3/4 inch polyester and polypropylene strapping. it belongs to Orgapack’s unique series of poly banders which is the only battery-powered tool with full-auto, semi-auto and manual modes. It has a user-friendly design that enables ease of operation and high performance. The tool runs on an 18-Volt lithium-ion battery.


  • Single-button-push strapping operation
  • Latest patented automatic welding mechanism
  • Designed for accepting 5/8 inch and 3/4 inch poly strapping
  • The tool can generate up to 4,000 N of tensioning force
  • Features the latest lithium-ion battery and brushless motor for optimal efficiency, minimal maintenance, and tool repair
  • Can complete up to 350 straps per recharge


  • Ease of Use – The OR-T 400 Rebuilt can be adjusted to manual, semi-auto or full-auto modes for ease of use. The mode can be adjusted depending on the kind of application.
  • Faster Operation – The tool offers high performance without concern for the size, type of package, and its position (vertical/horizontal). Single press of the button completes tensioning, welding and cutting, thus enabling faster operations.
  • Error-free poly strapping – auto-mode eliminates any operator mistake. Fragile packages can be strapped in SOFT mode.
  • Eco-friendly & efficient Tool – Features the latest brushless motor technology and environment-friendly battery system from Bosch.

Orgapack OR-T 400 has extremely high efficiency ratio. It is memory-free and can be recharged any time. It is also an energy efficient tool that delivers larger number of cycles per charge. It is the successor to the OR-T 250, which is designed for accepting poly straps of width 3/8 to 5/8 inch. It is capable of generating up to 2,500 N of tension force and has same technology as the OR-T 400.

Orgapack OR-T 400

Easier Maintenance & Longer Life

The Orgapack OR-T 400 has a service-friendly design and is made from high quality materials. The efficient brushless motor technology and unique design minimize tool repair and extend its long life. The brushless motor plays a crucial role in increasing the lifecycle of this tool.

All the common wear parts are easily available. You can readily order parts with Allstrap. Overall, the Orgapack OR-T 400 is a highly versatile, easy to use and durable plastic strapping tool. It is capable of generating decent amount of tension force and can be used for versatile applications.