Banding Round Objects? Try the P380!

By | January 14, 2015

Though pneumatic tools are losing popularity to battery operated tools, there are some tools that will continue to be popular in the industry. The P380 is the first banding tool in the market which is effective to strap round and irregular objects. It is an easy to use tool that comes with a suspension bracket with which the tool can be counter balanced either vertically or horizontally.

Over the years changes have been made to the P380 which were not there in the previous tools. The feed wheel in the tool and the welder are not separate. The feed wheel has been moved behind the welder and this makes the foot under  the strapping look much smaller. This change makes it easier to pull from under the tight strapping. Several other strapping tools have a base under the feed wheel that swings out of the way from the strapping. These are the reasons that this tool is able to strap round applications, pipes and bars effectively. The tool has become indispensable in many industries.

There are adjustable tension levels in the P380 that allow it accommodate various application sizes. The type of seal it uses is also strong and secure. The friction weld sealing is used by many as it is equally strong like metal seals. This is Fromm’s most popular tool as it has also reduced the risk of injury to a large extent. The tool is also reliable and very cost effective. It is also known to not leave marks on the surface of the packaging or scratch marks on galvanized and coated products. As it applies a clean seal, there is also no risk of damage during transportation.

Though  this is a very useful tool to have in the industry, the pneumatic tools seem outdated when compared to the faster and efficient battery operated tools. Allstrap stocks all Fromm tools and wear parts of tools. For more information on tool repair, visit their website here.