Packaging for Heavy Equipment

By | September 24, 2012

If your company specializes in the manufacture or procurement of heavy industrial equipment, a packaging systems will need to be put in place so that the unit or units will arrive at their destination in excellent, and most importantly, working condition. Companies like All Strap can provide strapping and protection for heavy equipment, as well as tools which will make the binding job simple for shipping as freight.
There are several types of strapping and protection which will make the shipment of heavy equipment such as commercial air conditioning units, vehicles, construction equipment, engines, presses, machines, mills, anything your company needs to ship to a warehouse or construction site, go as smoothly as possible. It will be important to know the type of strapping you will need to use to hold your equipment to be shipped onto the vehicle or multiple vehicles which will be delivering the equipment to the destination where it will be used or transferred. For example, steel strapping will be good to hold heavy equipment, but may be difficult to use in transfer if the equipment will go to multiple stops, because of the tools required to seal the strapping so that it will not come apart. Nylon strapping allows for tensioning and buckling, can often have clamps or hooks installed so that it is simple to use and reuse as needed if equipment will be transferred to multiple stops along the way to its final place for use.
Packaging is a bit different for heavy equipment than it is for boxed goods, in that usually the equipment will only be wrapped in a bit of plastic, sheets, or film before it is bound to the vehicle of delivery. Many times Strapping will come in direct contact with the equipment to be shipped, and to ensure that there is minimal damage to the finish of the equipment, the correct strapping must be chosen.