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Fromm A452- Pneumatic Tensioner

The A452 is an efficient tool manufactured by Fromm. This tool is very well-known for its performance and its very high strap tension force of 1,910 pounds. In many industries this is a standard tensioning tool and is used for mobile and stationary applications. Fromm tools are known for their precision and quality. This tool also provides extremely precise tensioning.

The A452 is known for its freewheeling system where in even when the tool stops to tension, strap tension is not lost. Also, the strap tension can be released at any point of time by pushing the black safety button. This has been provided for safety reasons. This is a very rugged and light weight tool. It allows high strap tension and is suitable for different kinds of applications in the steel processing industries.

The tensioning speed of the A452 is very high and it operates silently. This tools is also ideal for non-stationary applications. Even though the tool is very simple to run, safety precautions have to be taken while operating it. Fromm insists on safety precautions and provide a comprehensive safety manual and user manual with each one of their tools.


  • Strap Qualities: Regular duty / High tensile (Ultraflex)
  • Strap Dimensions: 19 – 32 x 0.63 – 1.27 mm / .75″ – 1.25 Inches wide x .025″ – .050″ Thick
  • Max. Tension:  8,500 N / 1,910 pounds
  • Sealing Type:  Metal push/closed seals
  • Weight: 4.4 kg / 9.6 pounds

One of the drawbacks of this tool is that this is a stand alone tensioner and a separate sealer has to be used to complete the application. In order to use a pneumatic sealer A461 is ideal and suits strapping sizes .75”-1.25” wide and this is complementary to the A452 tensioner. Smaller duty applications do not necessarily need a high-tech sealer like the A452, a manual sealer is enough to do the job. Manual sealer, A412 is also made by Fromm and suits the same strapping qualities.

The A452 requires push or closed seals as it has an angled duck bill nose. The seals are threaded into the strap and the tool pushes the seal along the straps applying tension. The A452 is a very fast tool. However, it has its disadvantages. Many industries are switching over to combination tools and some are switching over to battery operated tools. As the A452 is just a tensioner, a separate sealer has to be used and prep time for this is more than in other tools. Also being a pneumatic tool, air lines are unavoidable.

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BXT2-32 – Battery Powered Strapping Tool

The BXT2-32 is the last of the BXT2 series from Signode for use with PET strapping in sizes 1” to 1 ¼”. It is a battery powered combination strapping tool and is ideal for heavy duty strapping applications especially in lumber and metal industries. These industries who were struck with steel banding are slowly switching over to battery operated combination tools after considering its efficiency.

The BXT2-32 is a fully automatic combination strapping tool and can be used in the manual, semi-automatic or automatic modes. This flexibility is found in very few tools. It also gives a maximum joint efficiency of 75 %. The tool comes with two batteries and a charger.

Being powered by the popular lithium ion battery from Bosch, this tool keeps the processes simple and is very easy to operate. The brushless motor is good for less wear and tear and extended battery life. It also has a high speed take up and due to this productivity is increased and industries find it cost effective due to the friction weld sealing.

The BXT2-32 comes with a 36V lithium battery that gets charged quickly and also holds the charge for a long time. When one battery runs out the other can be used and this work can continue unhindered. In the manual mode there is a tension and a weld/cut button. It is similar to smaller strapping tools where the tension button is used to toggle and the feed wheel pulls until the button is released.

Generally most operators like to use the automatic mode where the tool does everything and the process is also simpler. The tension can be present and the strapping is pulled to the desired level after which the tool automatically switches over to weld and cut.

As this tool is found to have overwhelming strength Signode has added a safety sensor on the back of the tool near the battery. This sensor ensures that the operator’s hand will not get smashed under the banding when both hands are on the tool. Due to the heavy duty component wear and tear are largely minimized and this helps in the durability of the tool.

The battery of the tool is very popular and is being used in many strapping tools and this adds to the efficiency. Many industry experts opine that this is the ideal tool and a great alternative to steel banding. Switching over to Signode BXT2-32 is good choice as it can pull a tension of 1,600 pounds.

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