Steel Packaging Tools

A480- Pneumatic Pusher Steel Strapping Tool

The A480 is a very popular pusher type combination steel strapping tool. This is a light weight tool that is ideal for strapping tubes, coils and small bundles. As combination tools are very convenient many industries have switched over to these tools and the A480 has become a staple in many industries.

The A480 uses the push type seal. Push type seals are the best for round and narrow packages. The seal is pushed by the tool with the steel threaded through to pull tension.  This tool comes in two tensioning levels. As the A480 is light in weight it need not necessarily be suspended. It allows for a better mobile operation.

The A480 has high bonding strength. Fromm has brought out a newer version which is heavier and larger than the A480. The A483 is larger and a lot heavier than its counterpart A482.  However, both the tools do the same functions efficiently and effectively. Being of a smaller size the A480 is a much preferred combination tool and is also considered the easiest and lightest pneumatic tool.


  • This tool is very light
  • Good for banding awkward packages
  • Great bonding strength
  • High tensile


  • Strap Qualities:  High tensile (Ultraflex)
  • Strap Dimensions:  10.0 – 19.0 x 0.38 – 0.63 mm / 3/8 – ¾” Wide x .015 – .025″ Thick
  • Tension Versions:  2500 N, 4500 N
  • Sealing Type: .75 Inch Push Seal
  • Weight: 4.5 kg / 9.9 pounds

Combination tools are the most convenient tools to get the work done quickly. They do all the three functions of tensioning, sealing and cutting in one go, thus saving time and money. This tool is cost effective and also very efficient and many industries have reported increased productivity after using this tool. As there is considerable operator mobility several applications can be completed in a very short span of time.

The only problem with pneumatic tools is that the presence of air lines all around the work room floor and hinders the work of the operators. Like all Fromm tools, this tool is also ergonomically designed and very compact. The foot plate in this tool is relatively small and this helps the tool in strapping unique and awkward packages as the small plate can easily squeeze into a tight place.

The A480 also has a friendly interface and can be used single handedly. The tool provides a strong joint with a high bonding strength of 75%. The dimensions of the banding as well as the distance between roller and the pad can be adjusted according to requirements.