Fromm Packaging Tools

Fromm A452 Pneumatic Tensioner

The A452 pneumatic tensioner is a popular tool used widely in the packaging and strapping industry. As with all Fromm tools, this is a rugged, lightweight tool that has a high-tension force of 1,910 pounds! The tool has a freewheeling system and due to this feature, there is no tension lost when the tensioning cycle is completed.

The A452 is a standalone tensioner and therefore a separate sealer and cutter have to be used along with it. The A461 Fromm sealer can be used with the A452 and can be used with strapping applications for.75”-1.25” wide by .025” to .044” thick strapping.  The A412 manual sealer can also be used instead of a pneumatic sealer for lighter duty applications.

The A452 has a unique duckbill nose that requires push or closed seals. These seals are threaded on to the strap and then the tensioning physically pushes the seal. The A452 is a pneumatic tensioner is a fast tool due to the pneumatic component, but since it has to push seals to strap, the preparation time required is longer than using a combination tool. Also with pneumatic tools comes air lines all over the workroom floor which can raise safety concerns.

In order to eliminate the presence of airlines, many industries have begun to rely on battery-operated tools wherein there are no airlines and the work gets done faster at the touch of a button. The Grip Pack Tensioner and Sealer are popular battery operated tools. Meanwhile many industries are also discovering that combination battery operated tools save a lot of time and are economical. These tools like Signode’s PRHR-114 that uses the 1 ¼” banding is the most popular combination tool in the market. As one tool does the tensioning, sealing and cutting there is no need for separate tools and this proves to be economical in the long run and very productive.