Signode Packaging

Signode is a leading manufacturer of packaging materials and tools. All of their tools are specifically engineered for particular applications. These products are well received by customers all over the world for the past several decades. Signode is a very innovative manufacturer and designs tools for all kinds of packaging needs.

Signode products include, tools, all kinds of strapping, hand tools, pneumatic tools and battery operated tools. From simple hand held tools to fully automatic tools Signode’s tools have made their presence felt in many industries. Some of their tools are staples in the industries. The tools are of great quality and very reliable. The tools are long lasting and low maintenance. The wear parts are easily available and if it gets damaged can be fixed easily.

All Signode tools are ergonomically designed and very easy to operate. There are both light weight and heavy tools and these can be operated according to the application on hand. The battery operated tools are the most popular tools at present. The lithium-ion battery from Bosch is used in these tools and they are long lasting and durable. The tools are not known to break down even after continuous operation. The battery holds up well and the tools also come with two batteries. While one is being used, the other can be charged so that the work does not get stalled.

Signode’s design engineers develop tools that meet the industry’s demands. All the tools are manufactured using the latest technology. Signode’s BXT2 series are combination tools that are battery operated. These tools perform tensioning, sealing and cutting at the touch of a button making the work of the operator easier and cuts down labor time.

Unlike pneumatic tools that have air lines running all around the floor, the battery operated tools are easy to carry around. The tools are light weight and the tension can be preset and adjusted depending on the application it is being used for.

Signode also manufactures standalone tools like the Grip Pack 114 sealer and Grip Pack 114 Tensioner. These tools are light in weight and can be used for different applications. Signode tools come with a warranty and a comprehensive safety and user manual. The tools are easy to operate and Signode technicians are available to train operators on how to use the tools.