Packaging and Transport of Goods

By | September 17, 2012

The packaging and transport of goods and materials relies heavily on a good a packaging systems, of which, materials can be obtained quickly and easily through All Strap, a company which specializes in freight shipping products with a heavy emphasis on strapping. Packaging systems have been in place for many years as tried and trusted ways to get mass produced products, heavy industrial equipment, or construction equipment to arrive unharmed at the destination. The materials shipped will arrive only as good as their packaging protection is efficient.
To package goods well, you will need to have a packaging systems in place which will be cost efficient, convenient as possible, and simple to use and have shipping employees remember. A good place to begin is to ask, “What will I be shipping?” This may seem a simple question, but thinking about the goods will determine the packaging used. Are you trying to protect soft items such as textiles, or heavy duty items such as building and construction materials?
Some items will be pre-boxed in marketing packaging, and some shipped units will need to be stacked and strapped without packaging, and it is important to know which outer packaging will be the most beneficial to keep the shipped items protected so that they don’t shift and move in their stack on the pallet. Often companies who ship boxed goods will stack a pallet and just put a few straps on it to send it out. Sometimes this goes well, but others, the packaging gets damaged during shipping, and that is where a good packaging system can make a difference. Same applies to heavy equipment. Using the right type of strapping will ensure equipment arrives at the destination in good working order.
If you need help making a decision on packaging for your company’s products, look to All Strap for solutions to every day freight shipping.