Packaging for Boxed Goods

By | September 20, 2012

A packaging systems is very important to building a good pallet and shipping out goods via freight, and All Strap can help fit your company with the products necessary to form a good packaging system. Depending on your company’s needs, you will want to know how to tailor your packaging and shipping supplies to the job at hand so that your products will arrive at their destination in top shape. For your packaging systems, supplies for the specific freight shipping job can vary from boxes and tape to strapping, tensioning tools, pallets, or even flat bed trucks.
Strapping is an important material for packaging in that it will allow mass quantities of goods or products to be shipped, and provide pressure so that the products will stay put, and not shift or move about in their stack. In order to ship heavy industrial equipment, strapping is essential as well because it will hold the equipment to the truck, freight car, train, or barge. Strapping can be made of many different materials, and it will be important to know which is correct for the shipment you will be sending so that the goods or equipment does not endure damage from the strapping itself.
In order to implement a packaging system, you will need to know the right packaging and protection materials to safeguard the outer portions of your shipments so that the materials inside will not be damaged during shipping. If shipping boxed up goods, normally, a pallet will be constructed, and then films will be applied to the cube or stack. Shrink film can be stretched around the stack of boxes, and then strapping will be applied to the outside for extra binding so there will be little to no movement. This will ensure goods arrive at the final destination in good shape.